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Torsion Spring Repair Pricing In New Jersey

1 Brand New Torsion Spring
With 10,000 Cycle Rating,


All-In, Sales Tax Included

Here’s How We Arrive At That Number:
  1. No Service Call Charge: We don’t charge a service call charge, meaning we don’t charge to show up and say hello.
  2. $107.85/Hour Labor: Our labor rate is $107.85/hour with a 1 hour minimum. Your call should almost certainly be done within an hour, so labor will be $107.85.
  3. 10,000-Cycle-Rated High Quality Springs: Our system for getting the right spring for your door is flawless. Most companies will just use any spring they have on the truck. We’ll weigh your door on site and install a perfectly matched 10,000-cycle-rated spring. This is not a cheap knock-off spring on Amazon. We purchase our springs from one of the top garage door manufacturers in the United States. These springs cost $150.
$107.85 + $150 = $157.85 total cost + $7.15 tax (on the labor only) = $265 including tax*

*Important Note: The quote above is for springs providing 80 lbs of counterbalance all the way up to 160 lbs of counterbalance and covers about 95% of torsion spring replacements that are done. Doors taller than 7′ high or doors that require springs larger than 160 lbs (usually only very high-end wood doors) would require custom springs and a 2nd trip. Those types of jobs cost more, but are uncommon.

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