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What Is Not Included in Our Opener Pricing

These Items Might Increase the Cost of Having a New Opener Installed

Extension Springs Stretch (Extend or Elongate) Above the Tracks

Extension springs, like the one pictured directly below, stretch out/extend/elongate as the door goes down. They have a cable and pulleys that transfer the pull of the springs to the bottom of the door. There should be a safety cable going through the middle of the springs, so that if something breaks, the spring does not fly around the garage.

extension spring

Torsion Springs Are Wound and Turn a Tube Above the Garage Door

Torsion springs, like the one pictured directly below, are wound up and counterbalance the door by turning a tube. At the end of the torsion tube are drums that cables wrap around, transferring the pull (torque) of the spring to the bottom of the door.

torsion spring

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Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Springs Should Be Converted to a Standard Torsion or Extension Spring System