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General Service Pricing In New Jersey

Estimated Cost
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Plus Parts (If You Need Any Parts)
Here Are Some Details:
  1. Service Call Charge: $0 – No charge for us to just show up and say hello
  2. Labor Rate: $107.85/hour – A nice, reasonable rate (and we work efficiently)
  3. Minimum Labor Charge: 1 hour @ $107.85
  4. Sales Tax: $107.85 + $7.15 = $115. The sales tax is charged on labor only.
  5. Median Length Of Service Call: Under 1 hour
  6. Strictness With Time: We often don’t charge more than 1 hour of labor, even when we go over, but this is on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Prorating Past The 1st Hour: As small as 10-minute increments, rounded down.
  8. Parts: If you need parts, the price of those parts would be in addition to our labor charges.
  9. Parts Pricing: Our parts pricing is always reasonable. Our repairs generally come in at 1/2 the price of the main garage door franchise company – for the same or better quality parts!
  10. Our Philosophy: We are not salesmen!! We are there to solve your problem, not upsell. We give you options, even on the simplest repairs, and help you do what’s best for you, based on your garage, your timeline, and your budget.
We’re old-school (but high-tech) experts at all types of garage door repair. We specialize in straightforward, honest, smart advice, superior workmanship and very reasonable prices, without the huge markups and high-pressure sales tactics that too many door companies use. We use the best quality garage door parts available on the market, anywhere.

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