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That Liftmaster Opener on Amazon Might Seem Inexpensive Because It Is Refurbished

Read the Description, the Fine Print, or the Comments Carefully

refurbished liftmaster openers

Some Quick Math on This “Deal”:

$288.00 – for a refurbished unit which might have unknown issues that could cause problems in the not-too-distant future

$100 – to purchase a rail, belt, front idler and carriage system for your unit from a local dealer (most – or all – Amazon sellers do not ship the 10′ 4″ rail/belt/front-idler/carriage assembly)

$25.70 – sales tax

$25 – estimated installation materials

$175 – installation labor from a professional, quality installer

= $613.70 – almost 45% more than if you buy a brand new unit from us! (on 12/6/2018)