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Protected: Short Raised Panel w/ Charleston 509 Windows

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clopay door with charleston 509 windows8′ x 7′ Clopay Brand Short Raised Panel Door with Charleston 509 Windows

$975 smart choice icon
Model 4050 1-3/8″ Polystyrene-Insulated 3-Layer Door Installed, Complete (R-value = 6.5)

Some Nice Upgrades:
Model 9130 1-3/8″ Intellicore® Polyurethane-Insulated 3-Layer Door Installed, Complete (R-value = 12.9): $1050
Model 9200 2″ Intellicore® Polyurethane-Insulated 3-Layer Door Installed, Complete (R-value = 18.4): $1150

Save Money By Going Builder-Grade:
Model T50S 1-layer Non-Insulated Traditional Panel: $850
Model T52S 2-layer Insulated Traditional Panel: $950

All prices include labor, new tracks & springs, quality hardware, weatherstripping, removal of old door & more

Take a Deep Dive Into the Details

Our Pricing Includes

  • Professional-Grade (Not Big-Box-Store-Grade) door
  • A neat, safe, professional, durable installation
  • New tracks, springs, cables, rollers and other door hardware
  • Vinyl weatherstripping around top and sides of door
  • Removal and disposal of old door
  • Safety cables through all extension springs
  • Proper reinforcement of top door section for hookup to opener
  • Hook-up to (and adjustment of) your existing garage door opener or any new one you purchase from us
  • Heavy-duty hardware upgrades on all 3-Layer doors

Need Help Choosing a Clopay Model? Here Are Our Humble Opinions:

clopay brand classic collection garage door construction options

Some answers to a couple of FAQ’s

What is an R-Value?

The R-Value of a door measures how well it resists heat transfer to keep your garage warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Higher R-Values mean better insulation. Here are some examples of approximate R-Values:

  • R=0 – Non-Insulated Steel Garage Door
  • R=2 – Wood Garage Door
  • R=6.5 – A 1-3/8″ thick polystyrene-insulated garage door
  • R=8 – Blocks 90% of heat flow
  • R=12 – Blocks 93% of heat flow
  • R=12.9 – A 1-3/8″ thick polyurethane-insulated garage door
  • R=13 – Fiberglass insulation in an exterior 2 x 4 wall of a house
  • R=16 – Blocks 95% of heat flow
  • R=18.4 – A 2″ thick polyurethane-insulated garage door
  • R=20 – Blocks 96% of heat flow

What Do We Mean By 1-Layer, 2-Layer and 3-Layer Doors?

  • 1-layer (steel) doors – are builder-grade non-insulated doors that are just 1 outside layer of steel. When you are inside your garage you see the back of that layer of steel.
  • 2-layer (steel + insulation) doors – are builder-grade insulated doors that are the same as 1-layer doors but which have an inside layer of vinyl-backed polystyrene insulation. If you push with some force on the inside of a 2-layer door, you can put your finger through the polystyrene (Styrofoam).
  • 3-layer (steel + insulation + steel) doors – are higher-quality, very durable doors that bond 2 steel skin layers to polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. Sometimes called “sandwich” type doors, double-steel, or steel-backer doors, these doors usually last significantly longer than 1-layer and 2-layer options.

Available Colors

Standard White




Desert Tan

Desert Tan





Glacier White

Glacier White*



mocha brown

Mocha Brown*

hunter green

Hunter Green*





Ultragrain Medium Finish

Ultragrain Medium*

Ultragrain Cherry Finish

Ultragrain Cherry*

Ultragrain Walnut Finish

Ultragrain Walnut*

*Only available in certain models. Black doors and Ultragrain options are Premium finishes and cost more.



Classic Premium Brochure


Ultra-Grain Paint Option Brochure


Classic Value Plus Brochure


Classic Value Brochure


The Imagine Brochure

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