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Doors Done Right can custom paint your garage door and trim in our shop prior to installation of your door. There are additional charges for this service and this might not be able to be done on all doors. See our terms for this service below:

Our Terms When Painting Your Garage Door

Doors Done Right can paint full exterior face (only) of door and door trim on saw horses in shop
—Customer will provide brand and color of paint, we will purchase paint
—Price does not include cost of paint – customer will reimburse us for exact cost of paint but not paint supplies
—Manufacturer painting instructions regarding type (but not color) of paint and painting method will be followed exactly, and we will do a great job, but there will be no warranty on our painting of door. Customer is 100% responsible for choosing paint color, including making sure that the paint color is not too dark for the door.
—We will do any necessary paint touch-ups at time of installation and leave remainder of paint with customer
—Doors Done Right will not be held responsible by purchaser or subsequent homeowners for any issues associated with the painting of the garage door darker colors, including issues with fading and/or issues with excessive absorption of sunlight by darker colors and any damage to the door as the result of this excessive absorption