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Torsion Spring or Extension Spring

Do You Have an Extension or Torsion Spring System?

  • Door Repairs
    • Door must run somewhat smoothly and be in generally good repair, no matter which opener you choose
    • Door must be properly counterbalanced by springs
    • If your door needs work, we will explain your options, quote you a reasonable price, and handle the repair on the spot for you
    • We pride ourselves on honest, highest-quality door repairs at very reasonable rates (usually 1/2 the price or less of the big franchise company)
  • Top Door Section Reinforcement
    • The top section of most doors needs added reinforcement to hook up an opener to it. This is to avoid that top section getting bent up or cracking from repeated daily use or due to a mishap, such as locking the door and running the opener. There’s a good chance you already have that reinforcement. If you don’t, we will need to install it and it will cost you more. As of April 2023, expect to pay $45-$49 for reinforcement (we charge for materials only) on a standard 8′-wide door. This price is subject to change based on our costs. We can quote you the current cost over the phone before we come out.
  • Electrical Outlets
    • We will plug your new opener into a professionally installed, approved electrical outlet in the ceiling
    • If you don’t already have an outlet within reach of the opener’s power cord:
      • We can still install your opener
      • You can have an electrician install an approved outlet after we install the opener
      • Please note: Some homeowners plug their openers in using an extension cord or into a light socket in the ceiling. We have seen this done in many, many garages over the last 30 years or so, and we never seen issues or damage as a result of this type of setup. However, this is not officially recommended and might violate building codes and/or product warranties.
  • Longer Rails for Doors Taller Than Specified in Product Description
    • Maximum door height for standard nominal 7′ rails is
      • 7′ 6″ for most of our openers or
      • 7′ for certain other models such as the 83650.
    • An estimated 94% of residential garage doors in our area are good – they are the heights listed above or shorter.
    • If your door is taller, and you want your door to open fully, we will need to use a longer rail. Longer rails cost more. Our opener quick-guide has current pricing on rail up-charges for doors that are 8′ – 8′ 6″ high.
    • For super heavy duty rails (which are necessary on less than 1% of openers we install), the up-charge would be greater.
  • Additional Equipment for Extra Low or Extra High Ceilings
    • If there is less than 2″ between the highest point of the door travel arc and the ceiling, we will need to find a solution to fit your opener in the space. Often, this involves no additional cost, but in some cases, additional labor or equipment charges will apply.
    • Ceilings over 11′ high require additional angle iron to secure the opener to the ceiling. There might be additional costs for this extra material.