What Is Not Included in Our Opener Pricing

These Items Might Increase the Cost of Having a New Opener Installed

  • Door Repairs
    • Door must run somewhat smoothly and be in generally good repair, no matter which opener you choose
    • Door must be properly counterbalanced by springs
    • If your door needs work, we will explain your options, quote you a reasonable price, and handle the repair on the spot for you
    • We pride ourselves on honest, highest-quality door repairs at very reasonable rates (usually 1/2 the price or less of the big franchise company)
  • Top Door Section Reinforcement
    • $25 to reinforce the top section of 8′ single-wide doors – if you need it
  • Electrical Outlets
    • We will plug your new opener into a professionally installed, approved electrical outlet in the ceiling
    • If you don’t already have an outlet within reach of the opener’s power cord:
      • We can still install your opener
      • You can have an electrician install an approved outlet after we install the opener
      • Please note: Some homeowners plug their openers in using an extension cord or into a light socket in the ceiling. We have seen this done in many, many garages over the last 30 years or so, and we never seen issues or damage as a result of this type of setup. However, this is not officially recommended and might violate building codes and/or product warranties.
  • Longer Rails for Doors Taller Than Specified in Product Description
    • $25 upcharge for nominal 8′ rails
  • Additional Equipment for Extra Low or Extra High Ceilings
    • If there is less than 2″ between the highest point of the door travel arc and the ceiling, we will need to find a solution to fit your opener in the space. Often, this involves no additional cost, but in some cases, additional labor or equipment charges will apply
    • Ceilings over 11′ high require additional angle iron to secure the opener to the ceiling. There might be additional costs for this extra material.