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CHI Skyline Flush Garage Doors with Tinted Windows

8′ x 7′ CHI brand Skyline Flush model 2128 garage door installed
This is a 1-7/8″ thick, 3-layer (steel + insulation + steel) garage door with polyurethane insulation and an r-value of 17.54

Limited Warranties | Paint Finish: Lifetime | Hardware: 6-Year | Limited Warranties | Paint Finish: Lifetime | Hardware: 6-Year | Springs: 3-Year

Design and Hardware Specifications:
*Color/finish: white
*Panel design: flush (no panel design) with woodgrain texture
*Hardware upgrade: 14 gauge hinges, precision bearing steel rollers with nylon tire
*Spring upgrade: safer, more durable torsion springs
*Windows: vertical column of insulated tinted long-panel windows on right side of door (looking in)
*Locking: interior side lock

What’s Included in the Price:
*Door and related installation materials
*A neat, safe, professional, durable installation
*Removal and disposal of old door
*New tracks, springs, cables and all door hardware
*Proper reinforcement of top door section for hookup to opener
*Hook-up to (and adjustment of) garage door opener
*Vinyl weatherstripping around top and sides of door