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If you want us to fully set up your myQ system, we need a lot of sensitive information:

In order to download the app to your phone, we need:

In order to set up a myQ account for you, we need:

In order to connect the opener to your WiFi, we need:

Since the myQ system is designed to be easily set up by the homeowner and because of the amount of personal information that’s required is excessive (in our opinion and most other’s), our techs are not trained in setting up the myQ systems. The demand for it is just so close to zero that it does not make sense.

If you run into problems setting up your myQ, Liftmaster and Chamberlain provide comprehensive technical support and can make changes to accounts that we cannot, such as resetting them. Liftmaster/Chamberlain myQ tech support phone number: 1-800-528-5880