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Comparing 1-Layer, 2-Layer and 3-Layer Garage Doors

A Quick, Initial Comparison Using Sample Sections

These sample sections are small samples of garage door sections designed to be easily carried in a vehicle to show customers.

The left side of the following sample section is how the back of a 1-Layer (steel) door looks. The right side is how the back of a 2-layer (steel + insulation) door looks:


This next picture is of the back of a 3-layer (steel + insulation + steel) section:


1-Layer (Builder-Grade) Non-Insulated Steel Garage Doors

1-layer doors are inexpensive steel doors that can make a lot of sense for a detached garage, a house flip, or just to to keep costs extra low. They are available in different colors and panel designs (short-panel, long-panel, flush). They are not as sturdy, insulated or as quiet as 3-layer doors, but should do the job, even over the long term.

8′ x 7′ CHI brand model 2250 1-Layer (Steel) Door Pictures


2-Layer (Still Builder-Grade) Insulated Steel Garage Doors

2-layer doors are a nice option for getting a quieter, insulated, and somewhat more nicely finished garage door while still keeping costs low. These doors start with a 1-layer door, but have vinyl-backed polystyrene insulation added behind the first outside layer of steel. People will often say that you can poke your finger through the insulation in the back of the door, which is a drawback of this type of door when compared to a 3-layer steel-backed door. Still, these doors look nice, have a decent r-value and should last a good, long time.

9′ x 7′ CHI brand model 2251 2-Layer (Steel + Insulation) In a Custom-Painted-Blue Color Pictures


3-Layer (Nice Quality) Insulated Steel Garage Doors

3-layer (steel + insulation + steel) garage doors are strong sturdy, durable doors. Sometimes called sandwich-type doors, double-steel, or steel-backed doors, these doors come in a variety of colors, in short- or long-panel, and with windows and without.

9′ x 7′ Clopay Brand Model 4050 3-Layer (Steel + Insulation + Steel) Pictures