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Posted on 7/22/2021

We Apologize For Any Difficulties or Confusion Caused By the Recent Garage Door Price Increases

Garage door prices keep going up. We have managed this as well as possible, but it is very difficult to do that. We apologize for any abrupt changes in your pricing. We have to pass these increased prices along, without any markup on our end, because we operate on the tightest margins we can manage. The crazy environment and every company’s difficulty in managing it means that we are doing some jobs at a loss. We obviously cannot do that very many times and still stay in business.

The Increases Keep On Coming – From Every Manufacturer

So far this year, Clopay, the largest garage door manufacturer, had a price increase of 5% in January, then another 5% in February, then 15% in April, then 21% in June, and 22% in July.

Within the Last Couple of Weeks, Advance Notice of Price Increases Became As Short As 9 Hours

The major companies, which historically gave notice of a month or more regarding a price increase just recently began giving much shorter notice. Amarr, a major manufacturer, sent an email out at 3PM on July 16, 2021, that their prices on all doors were going up 12% for orders placed on July 17 or after. In other words, they gave 9 hours notice for what historically would have been a very major – maybe unprecedented – price increase.

We Are Not Simply Overcharging Our Customers to “Hedge” The Pricing

A customer who got multiple quotes recently told us that we were cheaper than the next competitor by $1,000 on a simple, not-so-high-end garage door. We are normally very reasonably priced, but to beat 4 companies by more than $1,000 is unusual. It is likely that other companies have just drastically increased their prices so that they do not run the risk of selling doors at a loss. We are trying not to do that, because we are very accustomed to a sense that there is a fair, non-predatory amount we should make for installing any given door and we do not want to overcharge our customers.

Please bear with us as we manage this to the best of our ability and sorry for any difficulty!