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Extension Springs (Single Wide) Pricing In New Jersey

extension spring

2 Brand New Super High Quality Extensions, Installed


All-In, Sales Tax Included

Here’s How We Arrive At That Number:
  1. No Service Call Charge: We don’t charge a service call charge, meaning we don’t charge to show up and say hello.
  2. $107.85/Hour Labor: Our labor rate is $107.85/hour with a 1 hour minimum. Your call should almost certainly be done within an hour, so labor will be $107.85.
  3. Extreme Quality Springs @ $45 Each: Our springs are super high quality, high-cycle springs. Springs almost always break at the end loop, so we use clip ends. Plus, we do not use springs made from recycled steel. These extreme-quality springs are $45 each. $45 x 2 = $90.
$107.85 + $90 = $197.85 total cost + $7.15 tax (on the labor only) = $205 including tax.

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