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How We Calculate Meals Donated

We are currently donating as often as we can to a charity called Food for the Poor. We think this is a great organization. We have been purchasing a gift called “Feed a Family of Four for a Month” in their gift catalog.

We buy these in honor of our customers. It’s a great way, in our opinion, to do something good for our fellow humans and also to market our company without just throwing money away on advertising and marketing, enriching those that already have plenty.

We’re sending out emails to our customers when we make these donations saying that we donated “x” number of meals in their honor. This is how we come up with that “x” number:

So, for example, the math might look like this:

(1) gift x (4) recipients x (30) days in a month x (3) meals per day / (18) customers = (20) meals per customer

We think these assumptions are fair and sensible. They are made in good faith whether or not they are exactly correct.

Thank you, as always, for using Doors Done Right!