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Most Common Decorative Hardware Layout Options

clopay gallery collection garage door in princeton nj
Layout Single Double
Option 1 – No Decorative Hardware
Option 2 – 1 Set of Handles – No Strap Hinges
Option 3 – 2 Sets of Handles on Double-Wide Door – No Strap Hinges
Option 4 – 1 Set of Handles – 4 Strap Hinges
Option 5 – 2 Sets of Handles on Double-Wide Door – 4 Strap Hinges
Option 6 – 2 Sets of Handles on Double-Wide Door – 8 Strap Hinges On Double-Wide Door


Important Notes About Your Garage Door’s Decorative Hardware Placement

Long w/ Square Grilles Windows

Placement of Strap Hinges
Often, it makes more sense to place the strap hinges at the top of the bottom section as opposed to the very bottom of the door. This can be seen in the picture to the right. We’ll check with you where you want them placed while we’re installing your door.

Long w/ Square Grilles Windows

Decorative Bottom Handles
Most Clopay carriage house style doors include a bottom step plate (a horizontal handle) for the bottom of the door. Most other door manufacturers do not supply a decorative bottom handle like this. We install decorative bottom handles when they come with the door.