Installation Using 32″ Radius Tracks

This customer wanted to make the stairs going up to his attic fully useable, but the tracks of his old garage door were in the way. He was also concerned about people in his family using the stairs and touching the extension spring that was there previously.

Doors Done Right installed 32″ radius tracks (instead of the standard 12″ radius tracks) giving much more headroom to people walking up the stairs. We also installed a new torsion spring system to replace the old extension springs. This provided for proper functioning of the 32″ radius track system, and eliminated the hazards of loaded extension springs being right alongside the stairs.

Broken Garage Door Springs Monroe Township NJ

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Garage Doors Monroe Township NJ

Broken Garage Door Springs Ridgewood NJ

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For complete garage door service, including installation, repair, broken spring repair, call on the garage door professionals at Doors Done Right. We have been serving residents of Monroe Township, Ridgewood, Paramus, Princeton, NJ, and surrounding areas with fast and reliable garage door service for years! Contact us today for all of your garage door solutions.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Garage Door Springs from a Big Box Store

We were called out to do a garage door repair in Princeton, NJ. The homeowner had a handyman replace 4 springs on his 2 doors “no more than a year and a half ago.” The handyman used springs that were too small for the door. That’s not surprising.

What is surprising is that one of his springs broke after less than a year and a half!

spring from a big box store


We are used to seeing garage door springs (and other parts) from the big guys go after just a few years. But this is the first time we’ve seen a spring break this quickly.

Big box stores seem to have no issue sacrificing quality for cost savings – especially in areas where the customer might not know the difference. Small cost-savings are acceptable to them, even if the difference in quality is huge. Parts manufactured with low quality recycled materials contain impurities that compromise their structural integrity.

Your garage door springs are under a lot of tension and when they break, they are dangerous. Using inferior quality springs is a major safety issue.

For High Quality Garage Door Spring Replacement in Princeton, NJ, Call Doors Done Right

Doors Done Right uses the best quality springs that we can find. They are:
– Made in America
Not made from recycled steel
– A longer length than is spec’d for most doors
– Made of a thicker wire than is commonly used
– A larger diameter than many springs on the market
– Made with double end-loops for longer life

All of these improvements add up to a safer, far more durable spring that is exactly the right size for your door.

Call Doors Done Right now for fast, expert, affordable service:


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