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High Lift Garage Door Tracks with Liftmaster Model 8500W Opener in Millstone, NJ

high lift garage doors with liftmaster 8500w wallmount jackshaft openers one door open
high lift garage doors with liftmaster 8500w wallmount jackshaft openers all doors closed
high lift garage doors with liftmaster 8500w wallmount jackshaft openers front of doors

9’ x 8’ Clopay brand model 9201 garage door installed
This is a 2″ thick, 3-layer (steel + insulation + steel) garage door with polyurethane insulation and an r-value of 18.4
Limited Warranties | Paint Finish: Lifetime | Windows: 10-Year | Hardware: 3-Year

Design and Hardware Specifications:
*Color/finish: any standard color
*Panel design: flush panel (no panel design) with woodgrain texture
*Hardware upgrade: heavy-duty QuietFlex hinges, precision bearing rollers w/ tire, etc
*Tracking upgrade: high lift to 16′ ceiling
*Windows: solid (no windows)
*Locking: interior side lock

What’s Included in the Price:
*Door and related installation materials
*A neat, safe, professional, durable installation
*Removal and disposal of old door
*New tracks, springs, cables and all door hardware
*Proper reinforcement of top door section for hookup to opener
*Hook-up to (and adjustment of) garage door opener
*Vinyl weatherstripping around top and sides of door

Installation Using 32″ Radius Tracks

This customer wanted to make the stairs going up to his attic fully useable, but the tracks of his old garage door were in the way. He was also concerned about people in his family using the stairs and touching the extension spring that was there previously.

Doors Done Right installed 32″ radius tracks (instead of the standard 12″ radius tracks) giving much more headroom to people walking up the stairs. We also installed a new torsion spring system to replace the old extension springs. This provided for proper functioning of the 32″ radius track system, and eliminated the hazards of loaded extension springs being right alongside the stairs.

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