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Overlay-Type Carriage House Garage Doors

We carry a wide range of doors from all of the top manufacturers. On this page are some of the doors we like the most.

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Coachman Collection Garage Doors from Clopay

Coachman doors have the charming appearance of an old-fashioned swing-out door, but offer the built-in convenience of modern upward operation.

  • 4-layer insulated steel carriage house doors (steel + insulation + steel + composite overlay)
  • 2″ Intellicore® polyurethane, 2″ polystyrene or 1-3/8″ polystyrene insulation. R-values from 6.5 to 18.4.
  • Steel skins are protected through a tough, layered coating system, including a hot-dipped galvanized layer and baked-on primer and top coat.
  • Four factory finish paint and overlay colors. Overlay and base colors can be mixed to achieve desired looks
  • Many glass options available including clear, frosted, seeded and insulated.
  • Attractive beveled edge clip-in window grilles are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Comes complete with spade lift handles and step plates. Additional decorative hardware options available. See below.

Door Designs

Series 1

clopay coachman design 11 garage door

Design 11

clopay coachman design 12 garage door

Design 12

clopay coachman design 13 garage door

Design 13

Series 2

clopay coachman design 21 garage door

Design 21

clopay coachman design 22 garage door

Design 22

clopay coachman design 23 garage door

Design 23

Series 3

clopay coachman design 31 garage door

Design 31

clopay coachman design 32 garage door

Design 32

clopay coachman design 33 garage door

Design 33

clopay coachman design 34 garage door

Design 34

clopay coachman design 35 garage door

Design 35

clopay coachman design 36 garage door

Design 36

Series 4

clopay coachman design 41 garage door

Design 41

clopay coachman design 42 garage door

Design 42

clopay coachman design 43 garage door

Design 43

Top Sections

Solid Top Sections

clopay coachman top 11


clopay coachman top 12


clopay coachman top 13


clopay coachman arch 1



clopay coachman rec11 windows


clopay coachman rec13 windows


clopay coachman rec14 windows


clopay coachman arch1 windows


clopay coachman arch3 windows


clopay coachman arch4 windows


clopay coachman sq23 windows


clopay coachman sq24 windows



standard white

Standard White



desert tan

Desert Tan



white overlay white base

White Overlay / White Base

white overlay almond base

White Overlay / Almond Base

sandtone overlay white base

Sandtone Overlay / White Base

sandtone overlay sandtone base

Sandtone Overlay / Sandtone Base

sandtone overlay desert tan base

Sandtone Overlay / Desert Tan Base

sandtone overlay almond base

Sandtone Overlay / Almond Base

desert tan overlay sandtone base

Desert Tan Overlay / Sandtone Base

desert tan overlay white base

Desert Tan Overlay / White Base

desert tan overlay desert tan base

Desert Tan Overlay / Desert Tan Base

desert tan overlay almond base

Desert Tan Overlay / Almond Base

almond overlay white base

Almond Overlay / White Base

almond overlay desert tan base

Almond Overlay / Desert Tan Base

almond overlay sandtone base

Almond Overlay / Sandtone Base

almond overlay almond base

Almond Overlay / Almond Base

Hardware Designs


diamond clavos

Diamond Clavos

round clavos

Round Clavos


standard spade lift handles

Spade Lift Handles (Standard)

spear lift handles

Spear Lift Handles

colonial lift handles

Colonial Lift Handles

fleur de lis handles

Fleur de Lis Handles

decorative lift handles

Decorative Lift Handles

olde door pull handles

Olde Door Pull Handles

gate latch handles

Gate Latch Handles

ring knockers with plate

Ring Knockers with Plate

lion's head door knocker

Lion’s Head Door Knocker

ring door knockers

Ring Door Knockers

escutcheon plates

Escutcheon Plates

twisted L handles

Twisted “L” Handles


spade strap hinge

Spade Strap Hinge

spear strap hinge

Spear Strap Hinge

colonial strap hinge

Colonial Strap Hinge

fleur de lis strap hinge

Fleur de Lis Strap Hinge


standard spade step plate

Spade Step Plate (Standard)

spear step plate

Spear Step Plate

colonial step plate

Colonial Step Plate

fleur de lis step plate

Fleur de Lis Step Plate

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We also carry doors from Amarr, CHI, Haas and many other brands.