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Broken Cable Repair Pricing In New Jersey

1 Brand New, High-Quality Lift Cable For Single-Wide Extension Spring Doors


All-In, Sales Tax Included

Here’s How We Arrive At That Number:
  1. No Service Call Charge: We don’t charge a service call charge, meaning we don’t charge to show up and say hello.
  2. $107.85/Hour Labor:  Our labor rate is $107.85/hour with a 1 hour minimum. Your call should almost certainly be done within an hour, so labor will be $107.85.
  3. Highest-Quality Cables @ $18 Each: Our cables are very high quality and are $18 each.
$107.85 + $18 = $125.85 total cost + $7.15 tax (on the labor only) = $133.00 including tax.
If you need any other parts, the cost for those would be additional. The above pricing already includes an hour labor so if, for example, the other cable needed to be replaced, you would add just another $18 to the above price.

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