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How Doors Done Right Compares To "The Big Box Stores"

In Brief, We’re Better In Every Way:

1. Our Prices Are Better – Our prices blow away the big box stores. We’re cheaper than Home Depot, Costco, and Lowes. This is even after you factor in points on your credit card, store credits, cash- back, and any of the nonsense they play to make you think you’re getting a better deal. Historically, when Home Depot has a 15% off sale, we’ve still beaten pricing by an additional 10%. See price case studies.

2. Our Selection Is Better – Home Depot carries Clopay (high-quality garage doors) and so do we. Costco carries Amarr (mediocre-quality garage doors) and so do we. Lowes carries Wayne-Dalton (low-quality garage doors) and so do we, if we need to. We carry these brands and many more, including CHI, General Doors, Artisan Custom Doorworks, and many others. We’re not trying to sell you our brand of door, we’re trying to find you the best door for your house from a multitude of options. For a full list of brands see

3. Our Workmanship Is Better – If you’ve ever had one of the big box stores do work on your house, you’ve probably had some bad experiences. At best, you will get a mediocre job. At worst, it will be a low-quality job. You get an installer from a big box store, who is paid “piece-rate,” and their only concern is how quick they can leave your house to get to the next job, because they are paid very little. Big box stores are known for ordering the wrong stuff. Sending workers out 8-10 times to fix a poor installation. Some of the worst installations we have ever seen were from Costco. Their installers do not respect the equipment or materials, leave bolts unfastened, etc. I’ve been told they will send someone out who receives $10 per callback, meaning they will keep going back and forth to and from your house, just putting a “band aid” over the problem, instead of correctly fixing the issue the first time. They will continue this until your warranty is up. Doors Done Right is focused on installations that will last the long-haul.

4. Our Service Is Better – Call us any weekday 8-5pm, and you will almost certainly get a real live person. No automated phone systems with endless prompts and long wait times. No call centers in other countries. Leslie is sitting right here in NJ waiting to answer your call. If we do, happen to miss your call, we call back right away.

5. Our Advice Is Better – Garage doors are all we do, so we know exactly what we’re talking about, and will give you the best advice and recommendations from our many years of experience. Your average employee at a big box store is required to sell 15 lines of products or more. Their knowledge of each product line is of course going to be limited.
6. Our Materials Are Better – We’re not 5,000 miles away from your house looking at a spreadsheet. Every guy that works for our company is also an installer, so we know what materials are best, and since we’re not buying bulk-loads at a time, we prefer to use top-quality materials, such as angle iron, vinyl weather stripping, top section reinforcement, and opener hook-up hardware.

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