Our goal is to provide the best warranties available from any garage door dealer, with the fewest limiting conditions.

Doors Done Right includes a full 2-year warranty on most parts and labor. We include an additional 3 year warranty on our installation labor – 5 years total. For the lifetime of the equipment, we’ll help you obtain replacements for any failed items/parts/materials, including items covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Important details, terms & conditions on all warranties apply:

  • The equipment must be properly maintained and inspected, according to the Doors Done Right preventative maintenance and safety inspection schedule. This is critical, especially for large doors, doors with specialty tracking, and doors that are used as the main way into and out of the house. The Doors Done Right maintenance schedule can be found here: http://www.doorsdoneright.net/maintenance/
  • The duration of our warranty is reduced when the warranty provided by the manufacturer is less than 2 years. Examples of items with shorter warranties are opener accessories, such as battery backups, outside number pads and remote controls, which have 1-year warranties.
  • Items such as light bulbs and batteries for remote controls and outside number pads are not covered by warranty.

Manufacturer warranties listed on our estimates and invoices are generally limited warranties and come with their own terms and conditions. The details of these warranties can be found at the manufacturer’s websites.