diagram of the area we need cleared for installation of your new garage door

So that we can work safely (no falls or damage to your things) and focus on doing a very high quality installation, please clear the work area before we arrive at your house to install your new garage doors.

  • Cars should be pulled out of the garage
  • We should be able to back our work truck up to at least one bay, so please park one car behind the other or pull one or both cars out to the street
  • The main work area (the area under the garage doors when they’re open) needs to be clear
  • If we are installing new openers, the work area extends to about 2′ behind the opener heads
  • Large, difficult-to-remove items like shelves, refrigerators, stacks of boxes, workbenches, etc can stay on the sides near the walls, but:
    • Fragile, damageable, or expensive items should be removed from this area. This might include storm doors with glass or screens, flower pots, mirrors, pictures, furniture, etc
    • Bottles of liquid or spray cans on top shelves could get knocked over while we’re working. These should be removed from the top shelf, along with soft materials like pillows and blankets that could get covered in dust, debris or metal filings
  • It generally will not affect our work if you put your stuff toward the back wall of the garage, as long as we have access to the wall button area which is normally by the door to the house

If You Need More Clarity, This Video Should Help