CHI Brand Overlay Carriage-House-Style Garage Door in Pennington, NJ 08534

CHI brand 5300 Series garage door installed
This is a 4-layer (steel + insulation + steel + composite overlay) carriage-house-style garage door with a 1-13/16″ thick base door, polystyrene insulation and an r-value of 10.29

Design Specifications:
*Base color: white
*Overlay color: white
*Panel design: 5334A (double XX design)
*Window option: Arched Madison w/ clear glass
*Spring type: high-cycle torsion springs
*Decorative hardware: reinstall existing outside decorative hardware

What’s Included in the Price:
*A neat, safe, professional installation
*New springs, cables, hinges, rollers and all interior door hardware (reuse existing tracks)
*Proper reinforcement of top door section for hookup to opener (using full operator bracket)
*Vinyl weatherstripping around top and sides of door



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Fimbel Architectural Door Composite Carriage House Garage Door Installation in Princeton, NJ 08540

composite carriage house garage door 08540

We Installed this Beautiful Composite Carriage House Garage Door in Princeton, NJ

This customer had a door on the side of their house that was very visible from the street as you drive up to the house. They wanted something that really added curb appeal to their property, that maintained the architectural integrity of the home, and that was durable and maintenance-free.

Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties’ “Roaring Twenties” series garage doors are put together much like a real wood door, with an insulated laminate core, a precision machine PVC face, and design overlays inlaid into the face. The result, in our humble opinions, is the carriage-house-style door that most resembles a real wood door than any other on the market, short, of course, of a real wood door. These doors are super low maintenance. They do not require regular refinishing like wood doors do. They don’t soak up water, and they don’t rot like wood doors do.


fimble architectual door carriage house door in princeton nj

For More Information, See the Brochure Below, or Give Us a Call

Click to View the Fimble Roaring Twenties Series Brochure:

fimbel fimbel roaring twenties brochure

Fimbel Roaring Twenties Brochure

Or call us now for a free, no-obligation in-home (or over-the-phone) consultation. We’re happy to help!


We also carry doors from Amarr, CHI, Haas and many other brands.

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