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Clopay Coachman Carriage House Garage Door Installation in Princeton, NJ 08540

carriage house doors in princeton nj 08540

We Started Out By Reframing the Openings

Installing a new garage door properly requires having solid, flat interior jambs that are in good condition. This house had jambs in place that were too short to properly accommodate the bearing plates of the new torsion spring system we were installing. We probably could have made do, but we call ourselves “Doors Done Right” for a reason. We believe in doing top quality installations to ensure that our customers’ doors ard opners are installed neatly and safely for the long haul.

We also were installing somewhat thick doors and the concrete ledge at the bottom of the door would have become an issue with the old jamb thickness. We installed new 1″ x 4″ pine jambs, drilling pilots and fastening the tracks with extra long lag screws so that they went securely into the frame of the garage, not just the jambs.

replace woodwork around garage door


replacing garage door wood

State-of-the-Art Garage Door Systems to Update a Classic Princeton House

Maintaining classic charm and architectural integrity while use modern maintenance-free materials can be challenging, but when it comes to updated hardware, there should be no compromise. Installing quality hardware is critical to the longevity of your door. Doors Done Right upgrades the hardware on virtually every door we do, far surpassing the average dealer as well as the big box stores in value for your money.

On this job, we used a torsion spring system with galvanized torsion springs, expertly installed with both form and function as critical components of a door done right.

torsion spring system princeton nj


clopay galvanized torsion springs


garage door replacement detail

The Result: Beautiful, Durable, Maintenance-Free Carriage House Garage Doors for Long-Term, Daily Use

We think the customers here did an excellent job choosing these doors to meet their needs and to match the style and character of their house.

overlay carriage house garage doors in princeton nj


coachman carriage house garage door in princeton

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We also carry doors from Amarr, CHI, Haas and many other brands.

Clopay Coachman Garage Door Installation in Kendall Park, NJ 08824


We installed this beautiful carriage house garage door in Kendall Park, NJ.

The people we installed the door for have done a great job fixing up the outside of their house with new siding, shutters, windows, etc.They wanted an overlay-type garage door, with a specific panel design that they saw on another house. We worked with them to choose a Coachman Collection door from Clopay. It’s a beautiful door and really finishes off the home’s exterior nicely. It’s durable and virtually maintenance-free, with a richer, more realistic look than many other options out there.

From experience, they knew that using a local contractor, instead of a big box store, was the right choice. We made sure that we did a neat, safe, durable installation for them, leagues beyond the work we’ve seen from the big guys.

We use the same brands, with better materials, better hardware, better workmanship than the big box stores – all at a lower price!

Design Specifications:
*Brand: Clopay
*Brand: Coachman CD13
*Windows: SQ24
*Handles: Spade Step Plate, Spade Lift Handles (on 3rd Section)  Specifications:
*Other Decorative Hardware: Spade Strap Hinges
*Operating Hardware: Heavy Hardware Upgrade







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We also carry doors from Amarr, CHI, Haas and many other brands.